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Passive acoustics is a key tool in cetacean research. One of the major components of any passive acoustic setup is software which can detect, classify and localise vocalisations from different cetacean species. PAMGuard, an open source project, provides the most comprehensive and integrated software package for this, with capabilities ranging from real time mitigation to advanced research surveys. PAMTech exists to provide independent teaching and software development services for PAMGuard, catering for both industry and academia. We draw on a pool of experts in passive acoustics, including PAMGuard developers and hardware designers, providing a comprehensive range of flexible PAMGuard courses and development services tailored to your needs.

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"By extending passive acoustic monitoring equipment to higher frequencies (up to 100 kHz), some delphinid clicks can now be classified to species, which may enable researchers using passive acoustics to study their temporal and spatial distribution and abundance patterns." Soldevilla et al. 2008